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David McNease
David McNease

In April, we come to the end of Lent as we celebrate Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Palm Sunday begins the holiest of weeks in the churchís liturgical life, with Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Maundy Thursday brings the remembrance of the Last Supper of the Lord and of our forgiveness. Good Friday brings the story of the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus. Our worship journey this month prepares us for the grand drama of the celebration to come, Easter. The joyous season of Easter is the season of the church year celebrating Christís resurrection. You may notice changes in our worship space. The paschal candle usually stands near the baptismal font but it will also be lit each Sunday of the Easter season. Its light represents the risen Christ, the light of the world, who leads us out of darkness. The paraments on the altar and the vestments worn by the worship leaders are gold and white, symbolizing the joy of the Resurrection. We will sing the beloved Easter hymn Jesus Christ Is Risen Today (ELW 365). This stirring hymn brings back the Alleluia that was put away at the beginning of Lent. We will return to singing the Alleluia in the Canticle of Praise (This is the feastÖ) at the beginning of our worship service. Even the Gospel Acclamation includes an opportunity to sing Alleluia once again. All of this combines with the earthís glorious spring renewal to celebrate Christís resurrection and the promise of eternal life.

— David McNease


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