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Pastor Austin Newberry
Pastor Austin Newberry

Meet the Pastor

My first experience of First Lutheran Church in Louisville was back in 1977. I was a college freshman at Saint Meinrad College (a Roman Catholic seminary) in Southern Indiana and Louisville was “the big city.” Like many of you, I was impressed by the historic building and fascinated by the statue of Martin Luther facing Broadway. I would never have believed almost 40 years ago that I would one day be pastor of this church. Like Martin Luther himself, I have made the journey from Roman Catholic monk and priest to Lutheran pastor. There were many interesting and grace filled stops along the way.

Grace works in strange and unexpected ways. By grace, God is always making things new. What is grace inviting you to do at this point in your life? Perhaps you are a lifelong member of First. Maybe you heard about a church in Louisville that welcomes absolutely everyone? You might have stumbled onto this page by accident. Whatever your quest, wherever you are on the journey, I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person and listen to your story.

Give me a call and make an appointment. Email me at Check us out on Facebook. Join us for worship on Sunday morning. You are indeed welcome here.

Pastor Austin Newberry.

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